• Solutions for Hospitals
  • Solutions for Rail Transits
  • Solutions for Cold Chain in Ports
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Solutions for Hospitals
  • Outpatient hall disinfection
  • Infusion hall disinfection
  • Ward disinfection
  • Ambulance disinfection
  • Operating room disinfection
  • Rehabilitation center disinfection
  • Disinfection in infection areas
  • Dentist clinic disinfection
Solutions for Hospitals
Solutions for Rail Transits
  • Subway and high-speed rail disinfection
  • Bus disinfection
  • Airport disinfection
Solutions for Rail Transits
Solutions for Cold Chain in Ports
  • Food packaging disinfection in cold chain
  • Warehouse disinfection
  • Food factory disinfection
Solutions for Cold Chain in Ports
Solutions for Public Health
  • Hotel disinfection
  • Supermarket disinfection
  • School disinfection
  • Nursing home disinfection
  • Pet shop disinfection
  • GMP药厂消毒
  • 殡仪场所消毒
Solutions for Public Health
Disinfection Service
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Disinfection Service


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Suzhou Qingle Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

Founded in 2019, Suzhou Qingle Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Qingle) was ranked in the new and high-tech enterprises in 2022, which has been committed to providing intelligent disinfection services based on artificial intelligence over years and has developed the adjustable disinfection modes with high-security and adaptability, as well as intelligent professional sterilizers for hospitals, public transportation, pharmaceutical and food factory environments and other fields.


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